Upcycled Tea Set

I really love tiny, antique-y things that I have no space or use for, like the teeny Japanese tea set my grandmother gave me years ago. I’m not sure if it ever fulfilled a tea-serving purpose while she owned it, but I can say with certainty that it was not living up to any potential in my possession. Continue reading


Clothing Swap Party

I don’t know where this idea came from, but about a year ago I decided I wanted to host a “Clothing Swap Party”. I would ask everyone to clean out their closets and bring over anything they no longer wore. We wanted items that were in good shape and that someone else might want to take home.

I invited my girlfriends over last Saturday hoping everyone would follow directions and bring some clothes. I was amazed at the turnout! Everyone came with a full bag to swap. I also made it a pot-luck, so everyone brought a dish or booze. My dad was kind enough to grill for us too.

We decided to lay everything out, garage-sale style. My mom’s clothesline was helpful, although we came close to breaking it with the weight.

Felipe was the life of the party as per usual. He kissed at least 5 people on the mouth, which is his goal in life.

We all took home some great stuff! There were even a number of brand new items, since we’ve all had the experience of buying something we loved on the rack but couldn’t pull off.

When we had finished choosing our items, we still had a ton of stuff leftover. We filled 3 garbage bags and a shopping bag with tops, bottoms, dresses, shoes, necklaces and bags. I gave them to Babcie (my grandmother) who has her hand in many charitable organizations. She texted me the next day saying, “Clothes have been given to very happy people”. That made this party an all around win!

PS. These pictures are courtesy of my friend Kelsey (thanks, Kels!), because I forgot my camera.

Empty Frame Syndrome

I love empty frames. Is that weird? I think it’s partially inspired by Friends.

My goal was to hang a few empty frames above the TV in our apartment. When I mentioned the idea to my grandma, she offered to search her closets and came up with 6 frames ranging from 4×6 to 11×14.

Using the leftover paint from my other apartment projects, we repainted about 6 frames. My favorite is the you can see hanging on the left. After painting it teal, I gently brushed the silver paint over so it only stuck to the raised design.

I first arranged three empty frames to surround the Pike Place Market picture, but then my grandma voted that it looked too empty. The John Lennon picture was 11×17, so I actually trimmed it to fit the 11×14 frame.

Overall, I love my empty frames! What do you think?

Shadow Box Frame: Wanderlust

I bought a couple of shadow box frames a while back and never put them to use. When I got home from work on Wednesday and was feeling crafty, I dug one out and put it on my bed. I knew I wanted to add it to my gallery wall (I’ll have to show you that sometime) but I didn’t know what to put in it. When we first moved and I was making the gallery, I printed this “wanderlust” picture off the internet. It didn’t fit in any of the frames I had, so it was propped up (it’s card stock) on my bookshelf. LIGHT BULB!


I trimmed the print down and it fit perfectly into the frame. With shadowboxes, the whole point is to have something in the foreground, so I looked around for some marbles or stones. Nothing I found fit or looked nice and I thought I would just have to hold off on finishing the project.

BUT THEN Will got home from work and I asked if he had any tiny travel souvenirs. Turns out he never cleaned out the backpack he brought to Europe 3 years ago (lol) and it was full of tickets. I put them in the box and voilà!

I think this is just about the cutest little project. What do you think? Are you going to make your own shadowbox?