Self Timer Proposal 

img_7011Giorgio is a fearless, lion-like creature who never backs down from a challenge and loves a good snow storm. Felipe is a tiny gentlemen with a bowtie who begins shivering in September doesn’t stop until May. This makes for some difficult winter walking routines in our household – Giorgio is a bundle of energy who might turn into a complete terror if he doesn’t get enough exercise… and Felipe would prefer to stay in bed with a heated blanket. It was for these reasons (or so I was told) Will suggested we take Giorgio on a hike in December.  Continue reading

Schooner Surprise & Rockport Harbor

On our second day in Camden, we booked a boat ride on the Schooner Surprise. I’m actually afraid of boats and didn’t bring my camera because I was sure we would capsize, hence the iPhone pictures below 🙂 We boarded the Schooner Surprise in less than ideal weather conditions and began our sailing trip out of Camden’s harbor. The Captain, Will, and the owner of the boat, Nicole, told us stories about the area and showed off the beautiful houses along the coast. Surprise was first sailed in 1918 and is actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so we learned about that too! Continue reading