Meghan & John’s Engagement Photos

I’ve never had a bloopers section of a blog post.

That should tell you something about Meghan and John, who made it absolutely necessary to include one. They compliment each other so well, and are so fun and easy to be around. This photo shoot was both adorably sweet and hysterically funny. I bet I’ll say the same about their wedding!

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Tri-State Bucket List

Well… I’m already cold.

Summer isn’t even over yet but everyone seems to be talking about pumpkin and coffee … (or is it pumpkin coffee?) and other things related to the season on the horizon. Yes, even if the calendar says otherwise, Fall is here.

While I will miss being warm (and so will Felipe, who is already shivering on our morning walks), I am excited for the season and all the fabulous things that come with it. Perhaps because I visited the Brooklyn Flea for the first time last weekend or maybe because I’m depressed about the weather getting cooler and I need something to focus on, I bring you….

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