Acadia National Park & Bar Harbor 

Acadia National Park and Bar Harbor are just about two hours north of Camden, Maine. About 13 years ago, my parents took us up there on vacation and they were so excited to return to the gorgeous scenery of the area. So on our third day in Camden, we headed North! Continue reading


Schooner Surprise & Rockport Harbor

On our second day in Camden, we booked a boat ride on the Schooner Surprise. I’m actually afraid of boats and didn’t bring my camera because I was sure we would capsize, hence the iPhone pictures below 🙂 We boarded the Schooner Surprise in less than ideal weather conditions and began our sailing trip out of Camden’s harbor. The Captain, Will, and the owner of the boat, Nicole, told us stories about the area and showed off the beautiful houses along the coast. Surprise was first sailed in 1918 and is actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so we learned about that too! Continue reading

Henri Matisse & the Butch Bitch

IMG_2106On Saturday we woke up late and went to Florida beach. It was only two blocks away and MUCH less crowded. We swam, laid our on a raft and even saw a water spout (scary!). We packed peanut better & jelly for the beach and then went home to make dinner at the apartment. It was a rainy evening but we walked to the most adorable little cheese and wine shop, Fromagerie du Carre D’or, right down the street. The owner was lovely and helped us with wine recommendations. We bought a bottle for Will’s parents & planned to go back in the morning for more. The rest of the night was spent playing Bananagrams and card games.

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Day 8: Gorges du Verdon

IMG_2032Thursday night in our neighborhood in Nice proved quite eventful. Around 5 a.m., a car drove into the pizzeria across the street, shattering the glass windows. From what my mom observed after the crash woke her up, a drunk driver hit a car containing bouncers from High Club down the street. They called the police after being hit, but before the cops arrived, a gray car pulled up next to the drunk driver and the two girls inside began yelling at them. Then they sped off down the street, stopped, put their car in reverse and crashed into a parked car. This must have enraged the drunk driver, who hit his own gas and crashed into a BUNCH of parked cars before stopping down the street. The next day, half the cars parked on our block had damage and notes from the police stuck to them.

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Day 7 in Nice, France : Villa Rothschild & Plage de Passable

On Thursday, we took the train over to the 81 bus to Passable with plans to visit the Rothschild Villa. It was an eventful trip… First, we boarded the train and heard a thump. Everyone turned toward the noise to see a young woman on the ground. Apparently, she had fainted and a couple of people helped her off the train. We then hopped on a crowded bus only to sit (and by that I mean stand) in tons of traffic. As we were going up a hill, our bus stopped short and Will saw a fight breaking out on the side of the road. Our bus driver pulled up next to the scene, opened the door and yelled, “Police! Police!” There were two bikes on the ground and a middle-aged/older man had one of the bikers in a headlock. There was blood everywhere and the man’s face was bright red! The guy who had him locked was dialing a cellphone. It all went down in French, which we unfortunately do not speak, but the men must have convinced our bus driver that they had it under control because he drove away. So it would seem that NYC/Jersey isn’t the only place with crazy public transportation…. but more on that later.

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