How To Turn a Dog Bed Into an End Table

Months ago, I saw dog bed end tables floating around on the internet and immediately sent links to Will. We both love DIY projects and this seemed like a great opportunity to work on something fun together. I knew I had seen those old octagon end tables everywhere and I was sure we’d find one on the side of the road within a week…. we didn’t.

Luckily, in Westchester, NY, there’s a store called The Benefit Shop. Not only do they have some great stuff, but it’s consignment for a good cause. We ventured in with high hopes and were thrilled when we found exactly what we were looking for! It was an octagon end table the perfect size for our pup.

I hope you enjoy seeing the transformation!! We still have to seal the top and dust out the inside. Afterwards, I’m sure I’ll post a picture of Giorgio asleep in his new house.