Can You Trust Your Dog Walker?

Almost exactly two years ago, before I called Hoboken home, I attended Bark in the Park (Liberty Humane Society’s fabulous fall event) as a vendor. The table next to me was a lovely British woman advertising her local dog-walking business. Throughout the day, I chatted with her and her husband and pet their beloved black lab who lounged next to their booth. She was great with my little fear-aggressive dog, Giorgio, and I took her card thinking that I might move to Hoboken eventually and would like to use her services.
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Air Plants & My Window Garden


I think our first apartment plant was a gift from Will’s mom. Either that or it was a bamboo stick left in an office I once took over. Both are doing well! Just because you live in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden… it just might be a windowsill version like mine.  Continue reading

Awesome 80s Prom! Go big or go home sober…

Last week, I posed by tri-state bucket list, and mentioned the Awesome 80s Prom! On Saturday, I put my money where my mouth is and ventured back in time, dancing the night away to Bon Jovi and Def Leppard.

To prepare for the outing Prom, I stopped by Revival Vintage Boutique in Hoboken. The owner was super helpful and knowledgeable about 80s styles (I am not) and pulled out about 10 dresses for me to try on. It was a full on The Sweetest Thing-style fashion show! I ended up choosing this amazing mini-dress from the 1980s. I also picked up a cumberbun and pink button-down for Will. The glasses he’s wearing came from Urban Outfitters (I ordered them thinking I could actually pull them off……..). The bow-tie and pocket square were borrowed from my boss, who was more excited about the prom than I was. OH! And the pearls I’m wearing are actually my grandma’s.

Overall, this was a “go big or go home” type of shindig. If you showed up in 80s attire and had a couple drinks, you were sure to have a blast. If you didn’t, we probably annoyed you.

The “show” was interactive, meaning that a jock from the Breakfast Club brushed my cheek and a girl with headgear asked me to vote for her for Prom Queen, which I did (I think she won).

You only need to go to the 80s Prom once, but it’s a great time if you’re a fan of the music and styles of the decade.


Tri-State Bucket List

Well… I’m already cold.

Summer isn’t even over yet but everyone seems to be talking about pumpkin and coffee … (or is it pumpkin coffee?) and other things related to the season on the horizon. Yes, even if the calendar says otherwise, Fall is here.

While I will miss being warm (and so will Felipe, who is already shivering on our morning walks), I am excited for the season and all the fabulous things that come with it. Perhaps because I visited the Brooklyn Flea for the first time last weekend or maybe because I’m depressed about the weather getting cooler and I need something to focus on, I bring you….

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Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming/hostess gifts are really lovely gestures when visiting friends or attending a dinner party. A bottle of wine is always an excellent option, but sometimes we want to bring something that will last a little bit longer.

Since moving into our apartment, we’ve received so many beautiful housewarming gifts – none of which I was ever expecting! We really have some wonderful friends and family. These are some great ideas! (Can you tell we like wine?…) Continue reading

How to Turn a Dresser into a TV Stand

Inspired by some converted dressers I found on Pinterest, I set out to find a piece that I could transform. After scouring Craigslist for a few days (weeks?) I realized that I wouldn’t actually feel comfortable meeting up with someone, investigating the item, determining if the cost was appropriate, and making the transaction. In my head, there were a million scenarios in which I died or got ripped off. So, I posted a plea on Facebook asking if anyone had an old dresser they no longer wanted.

My Aunt June messaged me almost immediately. Her mom had moved in with her sister and they were working on cleaning out/selling the house. She sent me pictures and we were in business! That weekend, I headed over to her mom’s with a small team (my dad and cousin) to help in case we found something. This piece was sitting in the dining room under the hutch. Because it will be used as a TV stand, we only needed the bottom. It went through a few phases of painting, but I’m happy with the outcome! All that’s left is the hardware (which I’m waiting on from Etsy) and drilling a hole in the back for wires =) I’ll post an update when it’s all finished.

Thanks again, Aunt June!

Update available here!

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