Forgive me, Craft Gods 

I always keep an eye out for fun sidewalk finds and I’ve been pretty successful in my neighborhood. A few weeks ago, I spotted a cute white console table hanging out on the curb. Up close, unfortunately, I could see that it was made out of metal and had been painted white. It didn’t look great and probably wasn’t worth scooping up for a project, so I continued on my dog walk. 

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Found Objects: End Table

I was walking the dogs the other day when I stumbled upon a curb-side collection of items someone was throwing out. Giorgio, Felipe and I stopped to inspect and ran into the man who was moving. He said he couldn’t fit the stuff in his new place and we were welcome to take it. Continue reading

Vintage Chairs

I went with my mom and dad to watch Nico’s soccer game down in Monmouth this Sunday (go Nico!) and afterwards, we decided to drive to Long Branch and do brunch.

We ended up at Pier Village, a cute little collection of shops and restaurants on the beach. We ate at McCloone’s (yum) overlooking the ocean. On the walk back to our car, we stumbled upon these gorgeous chairs. You could tell right away that they were beautifully made and in excellent condition.

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Empty Frame Syndrome

I love empty frames. Is that weird? I think it’s partially inspired by Friends.

My goal was to hang a few empty frames above the TV in our apartment. When I mentioned the idea to my grandma, she offered to search her closets and came up with 6 frames ranging from 4×6 to 11×14.

Using the leftover paint from my other apartment projects, we repainted about 6 frames. My favorite is the you can see hanging on the left. After painting it teal, I gently brushed the silver paint over so it only stuck to the raised design.

I first arranged three empty frames to surround the Pike Place Market picture, but then my grandma voted that it looked too empty. The John Lennon picture was 11×17, so I actually trimmed it to fit the 11×14 frame.

Overall, I love my empty frames! What do you think?

DIY Springtime

I don’t know about you, but I am DONE with winter. The weather is not cooperating, so I’ve decided to make my own Springtime. Although I do keep a few plants on our windowsill, I don’t think I’ve ever purchased flowers “just because”. Which brings me to this weekend… Trader Joe’s on a Sunday is a nightmare, but Will loves their fish nuggets (which I turn into fish tacos), so I braved the crowds to get some for him. In the front of the store, they had these little piles of (what I discovered were) daffodils (I know nothing about flowers and had to read the label). I brought them home, put them in my favorite Anthropologie vases and instantly felt brighter! Now I’m just waiting for them to bloom. Depression will surely set in when they inevitably die BUT they were only $1.49, so I think I’ll just buy them every week =). Lesson of the day: When Mother Nature gives you snow, buy daffodils.

UPDATE: and then… they bloomed =)