A New Life for a Jewelry Chest of Drawers


This adorable little chest of drawers caught my eye the first time I visited my friend Julie’s new apartment. It appeared to be an antique reproduction with some sort of goo all over the top – I was intrigued. Julie is my thrift store soul sister so I figured there was a fun story about the goo and a swift plan of action to fix up the piece. As it turns out, that wasn’t the case. The drawers belonged to her roommate, who had taped them shut during her move and the goo was residue from said tape, covering the top of the chest and the knobs.  Continue reading


Lamp Facelift (Spray Paint Project)

There is a part of my personality that is quite obsessive. Sometimes, when that version of me is in control of my brain, I will arrive at Home Depot five minutes before it closes and ride my bicycle into the store because I NEED NEW CABINET KNOBS IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE THE ONES WE HAVE ARE DRIVING ME INSANE. Usually though, such impulsive purchases and projects really don’t turn out as well as they could if I hadn’t been acting like a lunatic whose life could only be saved by replacing brown with silver. SO in recent years I’ve tried to RELAX and wait until morning when the Home Depot employees won’t hate me, I won’t cause a bicycle accident when I collide into a display of patio furniture, and I can actually take the time to make a good decision. This is why, when Will’s Ikea lamp began to “bug” me, I knew it might take a long time for me to find the perfect replacement for it and I was actually okay with that. I would keep an eye out for one until something just amazing crossed my path. Unfortunately, Will wasn’t on board with my plan. Continue reading

Spray Paint Bathroom Update

Living in an apartment, there’s only so much we can do to transform our fairly plain bathroom. Over the last year, this small space has seen a lot of changes and I’m finally really happy with it! The most recent (and hopefully final) makeover began when I purchased a collection of blue vases from a friend’s mom and 3 shelves from Target to display them on. Soon, I was sitting on the curb with 10 bottles of spray paint and a bunch of new knobs from Anthropologie (bought on clearance for $2.36 each!) trying to create a whole new look.

Continue reading