Self Timer Proposal 

img_7011Giorgio is a fearless, lion-like creature who never backs down from a challenge and loves a good snow storm. Felipe is a tiny gentlemen with a bowtie who begins shivering in September doesn’t stop until May. This makes for some difficult winter walking routines in our household – Giorgio is a bundle of energy who might turn into a complete terror if he doesn’t get enough exercise… and Felipe would prefer to stay in bed with a heated blanket. It was for these reasons (or so I was told) Will suggested we take Giorgio on a hike in December. 

Our destination was a beautiful park on the Hudson River (which I later learned is called Ross Park and was the setting for the carnival scene from the movie Big). Giorgio loved the hike and even met a dog or two along the way. As we approached a part of the path where the trail jutted out toward the water, Will suggested we take a picture. The self timer is a big part of my life and has been ever since I got my first Canon Powershot in the early 2000s. All (two) of our annual holiday cards have been self timer photos, so it wasn’t suspect when Will suggested we set up a self timer in the middle of the woods. He started to change his mind when he thought there was nowhere to place the camera, but I spotted a rock that looked like it might be perfect. I set the camera up and ran around the trees and brush to get in the photo. As you can see, it took me the full 10 seconds and the shutter started snapping before I was ready. I went to check the picture and told Will it looked good. He suggested we take another one of us without Giorgio… which I did find a little strange. By the time I made it around the bend to meet him in the picture, Will was on his knee.


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