Upcycled Tea Set

I really love tiny, antique-y things that I have no space or use for, like the teeny Japanese tea set my grandmother gave me years ago. I’m not sure if it ever fulfilled a tea-serving purpose while she owned it, but I can say with certainty that it was not living up to any potential in my possession. This fall has been sort of stressful and I’ve been channeling my anxiety into basically turning our apartment into a greenhouse. One day, while I was re-potting all the plants who needed bigger pots, it occurred to me that I should plant some succulents in miniature Mason jars. I was happy with my creation for about two days. I just didn’t like that you could see the dirt through the glass and the little Mason jars were too little and it was all wrong. Then! I remembered the Japanese tea set sitting in my cabinet. The time had come – the tea set was about to take center stage.


I picked up two extra succulents while I was at Whole Foods (they’re cheaper there than Home Depot or the 14th Street Garden Center) and voila – each tea cup and the tea pot was full.


My favorite part of the tea set is probably the little tray, but it’s all adorable.


Tell me about your favorite upcycled planters!


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