Big Crate, Small Quilt: Turning a Dog Crate into a Table in One Step

There’s a long story as to why we have a giant crate for two very tiny dogs, but I won’t bore you with that. Instead I’ll tell you how I turned it into a functional piece of furniture in our bedroom.

Last Christmas my mom bought us a beautiful red quilt for our bed. Unfortunately, it was waaaay too small and ended up being more of a throw which I would fold up and drape across the corner of the bed in the morning. I loved the quilt but it just wasn’t serving much of a purpose. On the other side of the room was a giant, unattractive crate serving the very important purpose of Dog Condo. 

Will and I would toss laundry on top of the crate and socks would fall into the dog beds (where Felipe would snuggle them). The crate and quilt just weren’t living up to their potential. To stop the laundry from falling through the crate, I decided to toss the quilt over the top – not only did it work, but it looked so much better. I know it doesn’t hide the crate, but it distracts you from it! I placed this red mirrored tray (one of my favorite Home Goods finds) on top and it really came together like a table!

Think outside the dog crate, people. And, why yes, those are miniature Harry Potter and Game of Thrones shrines. Thank you for noticing.


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