After Trial & Error: My Spray Paint Tips 

My windowsill of plants aka my “Indoor Garden” is one of my favorite little obsessions.  

So when the Kalanchoe I brought home from a work event began growing over the other pots, I knew I had to do something!

After searching the Internet for plant stand ideas and a bunch of antique stores for possibilities, it looked like what I wanted was way out of my very minimal budget.

Last weekend, Will and I went down the shore to spend the day at the beach (if you’ve never been to Surf Taco in Belmar, I highly recommend it!). On our way home, I nearly swerved off the road when I spotted the plant stand of my dreams for sale outside a little store. The only problem? It was pink…. And not even a faint blush… We’re talking PINK.

But it was exactly what I wanted for $15 and I’ve been on a spray paint kick so….

This is my “Why, yes. I am doing a craft project in the NYC Sightseeing bus parking lot.” photo.

Here are my quick spray paint tips now that I’m an expert.

1) Spray paint OUTSIDE (preferably on a day with a breeze) and cover your nose and mouth with a mask or a t-shirt.

2) To avoid drips: Hold the can AT LEAST 8 inches away and

3) Spray multiple thin and quick coats. This is SO important.

4) Depending on the color, the paint can get on the ground around you unless your workspace is huge. I recommend spraying in a box if your item can fit!

YAY! Final tip:

5) Do NOT trip and fall while carrying this back inside because you will scratch the hell out of it and have to repaint (but you’ll be out of spray paint, obv.).

Ta-da! I love that my plants now have room to breathe. What’s your best spray painting tip?


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