Schooner Surprise & Rockport Harbor

On our second day in Camden, we booked a boat ride on the Schooner Surprise. I’m actually afraid of boats and didn’t bring my camera because I was sure we would capsize, hence the iPhone pictures below 🙂 We boarded the Schooner Surprise in less than ideal weather conditions and began our sailing trip out of Camden’s harbor. The Captain, Will, and the owner of the boat, Nicole, told us stories about the area and showed off the beautiful houses along the coast. Surprise was first sailed in 1918 and is actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places, so we learned about that too!

We were renting our home from the woman who takes care of this lighthouse in the summer. She’s in her 80s and still swims around the island (THE WATER IS FREEZING!) on a regular basis – it used to be daily. She lives there all summer despite the lack of running water and electricity. So, yeah, she’s a bad-ass. Throughout her home (where we stayed), there were plaques and books telling stories of her adventures as a sailor. When my mom booked the rental, she had no idea we’d be staying in the home of a local legend. It really added a fun element to the trip. 

The boat ride was about two hours long and we chatted with the other guests as we sailed. The views would have been spectacular if the sun was out but this was a highlight of our trip regardless. Fun fact: we did not capsize.

Plus, just off the boat was Harbor Dogs, where Will got his favorite lobster roll of the trip.   

After our sailing adventure we went to check out Rockport Harbor, stopping to see these beautiful gardens along the way!

The sunshine was soooo welcome at this point in our trip!

I love this picture of my grandma. So serene.  

We got back to Camden just in time for the most spectacular sunset. Can you believe this photo is real?   

We had dinner at Long Grain in Camden. You have to make a reservation ahead of time, which we found to be true of most of the good restaurants in the area. Long Grain was delicious and super fresh – I could have eaten there every day!

Anyway, Happy September… I’d like to redo the summer, please!


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