Camden & Cellardoor Winery

On our first day in Camden, Maine, we woke up to a cloudy sky and an adorable swing in the front yard.

My parents wanted to show us the town while the weather held up, so we strolled the mere two blocks to this gorgeous harbor view. Those are artists setting up to paint the scenery!


My mom had picked out a boat she wanted to take a tour on, so we agreed to take a ride on the Schooner Surprise as soon as the weather was nicer.


Another reason to love Maine? The community is super dog-friendly!


How cute is this little ice cream place?


The public library is a focal point in Camden. There’s an outdoor theater where performances take place all summer, not to mention this really cute seating area with book sculptures.


Fun fact about Will: He REALLY enjoys awkward photos and loves nothing more than setting us up in the strangest poses (see below….)


This is the outdoor theater area – so beautiful and such a nice sense of community.


In the afternoon, we ventured to Cellardoor Winery, which was just 10 minutes from Camden.


They had a free tasting where you could choose 3 wines to sample. We ended up purchasing almost all the wine we sampled – it was really excellent! The winery used to be a farm before it was transformed. My favorite part of the history was learning about the Hobo symbol (seen on my wine glass below) that serves as their logo. When they began redoing the barn, they found that symbol marked on the building. Apparently, it signified friendship and let other travelers know that they should stop here. It was really a very sweet story!


This was my first winery experience, so I really enjoyed learning how the wine is created and stored.


That’s all for our first day in Camden. Now I think I’ll go have some Cellardoor wine 🙂


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