Vintage Pin Collection

Over the years, I slowly inherited a collection of vintage brooches from my mom, Babcie and Babcia. They are all very beautiful but not very practical considering I’m just starting to successfully layer necklaces and doubt I can pull off a cameo pin. Who can?

I searched Pinterest and Google for “ideas for vintage brooches” with no luck. I just don’t need spools of yarn with pins on them sitting around the house. So, I pinned a couple of them to a wind chime a few months ago, but it just didn’t feel right. They weren’t happy there and I could understand why.


At long last, I found a place for my vintage brooch collection which I did not purposely collect!


I once wrote about my love for Polaroids and since then my collection of photos grew large enough to warrant a re-purpose of these jewelry cases. The purple lined one was actually used to hold some of my jewelry a while back,  but I found it very impractical to unpin something every time you want to wear it.


I think the brooches add a very cool element to these cases. They’re also easy to rearrange and this display method keeps them in great condition.


Dog + dog, you see?


The lighting on these could be better, but they’re sort of attached to the wall that doesn’t face the window.


See? Anyway, if you’ve found another great use for a beautiful but sort of useless collection, I’d love to see it!


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