Lamp Facelift (Spray Paint Project)

There is a part of my personality that is quite obsessive. Sometimes, when that version of me is in control of my brain, I will arrive at Home Depot five minutes before it closes and ride my bicycle into the store because I NEED NEW CABINET KNOBS IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE THE ONES WE HAVE ARE DRIVING ME INSANE. Usually though, such impulsive purchases and projects really don’t turn out as well as they could if I hadn’t been acting like a lunatic whose life could only be saved by replacing brown with silver. SO in recent years I’ve tried to RELAX and wait until morning when the Home Depot employees won’t hate me, I won’t cause a bicycle accident when I collide into a display of patio furniture, and I can actually take the time to make a good decision. This is why, when Will’s Ikea lamp began to “bug” me, I knew it might take a long time for me to find the perfect replacement for it and I was actually okay with that. I would keep an eye out for one until something just amazing crossed my path. Unfortunately, Will wasn’t on board with my plan.

I mentioned casually one night that I didn’t like the lamp on his desk. It was very cheap, crooked, and looked like a fire hazard. It had been inherited from a previous roommate who was moving away, so I figured I could be honest about my feelings. Will defended his lamp for reasons I cannot remember because I was trying to remain calm. Was I going to live with this lamp for the rest of my life? Would it eventually be so crooked that I wouldn’t be able to look at it without getting dizzy? It was so tall… why should a lamp be so tall? Anyway, I accepted my defeat but held out the hope that I would one day find something so fabulous that he would WANT to replace the lamp.

A few years ago, two green lamps were purchased by Will and his roommates at an awesome consignment store near his hometown called The Benefit Shop (our bar and Giorgio’s house were also discovered there). The lamps traveled with Will from one apartment to another before ending up in our roommate’s closet where they sadly served no purpose for the last year and a half until Josh decided to clean out his room.


I walked into the living room one morning to find Josh throwing out a large collection of empty coffee mug boxes. “Do you want me to throw out these lamps?” he asked. I had totally forgotten about the green lamps which sadly matched nothing in our apartment until this moment. It just so happened that my sister was moving her things into an apartment near her school the next day and I was tagging along for the ride. I had some leftover spray paint from the bathroom makeover… and I just couldn’t bear to throw out perfectly good lamps. Josh had a large white lamp of his own headed for the garbage – I quickly vowed to save them all.

My sister, Angie, bought a cute little nightstand from a friend of ours earlier in the summer. She painted it white with gold accents, which would work perfectly with the gold spray paint I already had.  So I got to work. I sprayed all three lamps with gray primer before painting two of them gold.

IMG_4141IMG_4140Don’t ask me why, but I wanted the lamp that was white to be gold and the lamp that was green to be white.

When the lamps were finished, I told Will that the green one gone gold was meant to replace his Ikea lamp IF he was interested. Very lucky for me, he loved it! So, in the end, the green lamp gone gold came to live in our bedroom, the white/gray and gold and the gold and black went to Angie’s bedroom and the Ikea lamp went her new living room. I love that this was SUCH an easy way to recycle these lamps!



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