Air Plants & My Window Garden


I think our first apartment plant was a gift from Will’s mom. Either that or it was a bamboo stick left in an office I once took over. Both are doing well! Just because you live in a small space doesn’t mean you can’t have a garden… it just might be a windowsill version like mine. 


Currently growing in our apartment are 6 little air plants, an amaryllis, a lavender plant, some bamboo, a bunch of different succulents, aloe, kalanchoe, and a daisy plant (which is really just a pot of dirt at this point). Plants really change our space. The view from our window doesn’t have much greenery unless you’re up close looking down into the small areas of plants in the courtyard, so having a windowsill full of nature is WONDERFUL.


My favorite decorations for plants are old keepsakes! My Grandpa and Babcie brought this piece of coral back from a vacation when I was a kid. They told me he dove down into the ocean to get it for me. It used to have a lot more detail but I supposed it has eroded over time. The “love” stone is a paperweight Will bought me from Ten Thousand Villages. Both items floated from place to place in my home, but I love them hanging out with this air plant!


These succulents are growing in a hallowed-out brick I bought at the Brooklyn Flea last summer! How cool is that? Two of the original plants began outgrowing the brick, so I re-potted them and picked up that little teeny guy at Home Depot to pair with the tall skinny one who is still happily growing in his space.


I also have a bunch of these tiny open glass terrariums around the house. They can be expensive and I was very hesitant to purchase one. I eventually found them in a store in Newark called Mueller’s for just $2 each! The moss came from the 14th Street Garden Center in Newark. What fun way are you decorating your house plants?


3 thoughts on “Air Plants & My Window Garden

  1. I LOVE these ideas, because I have the same problem with my indoor plants (small space!). I will definitely look into decorating them and re-potting them so they fit better in our little area! Thanks for the great ideas and suggestions.


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