Spray Paint Bathroom Update

Living in an apartment, there’s only so much we can do to transform our fairly plain bathroom. Over the last year, this small space has seen a lot of changes and I’m finally really happy with it! The most recent (and hopefully final) makeover began when I purchased a collection of blue vases from a friend’s mom and 3 shelves from Target to display them on. Soon, I was sitting on the curb with 10 bottles of spray paint and a bunch of new knobs from Anthropologie (bought on clearance for $2.36 each!) trying to create a whole new look.

We only had one piece of furniture in the bathroom – a set of drawers given to me by a friend who didn’t need them anymore. My mom painted them to match my sister’s room and eventually they came into my possession. The knobs were fine but didn’t fit the drawers properly and were therefore a little shaky – replacing them would be a great update. We also needed a place to store towels. A trip to HomeGoods proved I’d have to spend about $100 for the type of cabinet I wanted. Luckily, my sister had something in her bedroom that she wasn’t making good use out of. I’d had my eye on it for years and she finally agreed to pass it on (thanks, Ang!).

(The knob is missing because I started the project before remembering to take a picture!)

Here’s what I started with. (The knob is missing because I started the project before remembering to take a picture!)

... and here's the decor I started with

… and here’s the decor I started with.

Influenced by a friend working on some Ikea spray paint transformations, I decided to give spray paint a shot on this project. I had never used it before on a furniture project, but I don’t have a good work space these days and I needed to work quickly in whatever borrowed space I could find. On a Saturday morning, Will and I scoped out a quiet spot and began the process of transforming these pieces.


We decided to go with chalkboard paint (inspired by Will’s mama who chalkboard painted her entire bathroom!) so we could leave each other fun notes. For the towel cabinet, we went with a design which was easy to freehand and left lots of room for chalk writing.


When doing a design like this, it’s important to plan out the order beforehand. For example, we wanted stripes of gold on the side. This meant we needed to paint gold first and then tape the parts we wanted to stay gold before spraying the rest black. As far as the front, a spray paint drip led to a freestyle design created by spraying gold paint onto painter’s tape and sticking it all over the place.


Spray paint dries super quickly and was definitely a fun choice for these pieces. Assembling them was the best part, because we had to let them dry in pieces of days and I just could not wait to see the finished project. I painted a few mason jars gold to tie the shelf decor into the furniture. In Michael’s, I found blue string on sale for $1.20 and an adorable white key for 99 cents. I wrapped the string around two of the jars and tied the key into one of them.


Another fun find for the bathroom was this Buddha beer bottle will was served at a local restaurant. It’s on my to-do list to buy this beer for the sole purpose of painting them fun colors.

This is the finished towel cabinet (see the towels in there?!)

This is the finished towel cabinet (see the towels in there?!)

And here are the drawers!

And here are the drawers!


Recognize those knobs? Here’s where I found them!

So, without further ado, here’s our “new” bathroom:



Our gallery wall used to have some other colored frames mixed in, but recently I changed them to keep everything black and white. I love it so much more now!

The trays on the counter are actually Japanese serving trays which my Babcie gave me a few years ago. I never use them in the kitchen because we simply don’t have much need for trays to transport food when we live in a small apartment. They are super useful in the bathroom and I love that they aren’t sitting around going to waste anymore. It’s a perfect example of thinking outside the box!

Chalk on a sushi dish :)

Why, yes. That is chalk on a sushi dish 🙂

Ps. Felipe wanted to make a cameo during this furniture photo shoot. IMG_4238


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