Forgive me, Craft Gods 

I always keep an eye out for fun sidewalk finds and I’ve been pretty successful in my neighborhood. A few weeks ago, I spotted a cute white console table hanging out on the curb. Up close, unfortunately, I could see that it was made out of metal and had been painted white. It didn’t look great and probably wasn’t worth scooping up for a project, so I continued on my dog walk. 

The next day, (on another dog walk) I passed the table again. This time, though, I noticed two very beautiful knobs on the tiny drawers. I could tell they were probably from Anthropologie (and have you SEEN the prices on those knobs?!) and opened the drawer to see how easily I could unscrew them. It felt like a craft sin… I just didn’t feel right taking the most attractive part of this piece of furniture… plus, I couldn’t unscrew the knobs. I decided to abandon the task.


As I neared my apartment, it began to rain. Surely this piece of furniture wouldn’t survive being soaked, right? Plus, did I really want those beautiful knobs to end up in a dump? I briskly walked the dogs home and jogged back (in the rain, in a skirt, with a screwdriver *this was dangerous) to take the knobs. I ended up soaked with two broken nails, but it was worth it. Check them out! I can’t wait to find a permanent home for them.


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