Henri Matisse & the Butch Bitch

IMG_2106On Saturday we woke up late and went to Florida beach. It was only two blocks away and MUCH less crowded. We swam, laid our on a raft and even saw a water spout (scary!). We packed peanut better & jelly for the beach and then went home to make dinner at the apartment. It was a rainy evening but we walked to the most adorable little cheese and wine shop, Fromagerie du Carre D’or, right down the street. The owner was lovely and helped us with wine recommendations. We bought a bottle for Will’s parents & planned to go back in the morning for more. The rest of the night was spent playing Bananagrams and card games.

 On Sunday, we rented bikes in the morning and began our journey to Musée Matisse. I REALLY struggled with the bike ride, as it was through traffic and uphill. The museum was located in the middle of a beautiful park with olive groves and Roman ruins set in such an adorable part of Nice. And, of course, Matisse did not disappoint.
After we left the museum, we went back to the apartment and then biked to Coco Beach. Angie and Will did some cliff jumping with the locals (I was too scared!). On our way back, we watched a group of kids climb to the very top of the Diving Board and do insane flips into the water. I honestly don’t know how they ever learned to do what they did – the attempts could absolutely have killed them.
That night, we went to BanThai, located near Gesu. The fried rice was amazing and we all enjoyed our meals. We strolled through the Old City after dinner and saw the “Butch Bitch” do a performance outside his/her bar. It was strange to say the least.
We came upon “la Boutique pour les enfants du Nepal”, a store owned by a retired couple. All of the items inside come from Nepal and the proceeds fund an orphanage there run by the owner’s brother. Angie bought a very cool yoga mat carrier and some gypsy pants and Will and I got a really great print for our bedroom.
On Monday, Will and my dad went for a bike ride while my mom, Angie and I went to the Antique Market at Cours Saleya in the Old City. It was huge and very cool but everything seemed really overpriced. When we came back, Will and I went in search of a crepe for lunch. We spent the afternoon at the beach and then went home to shower before a great dinner at Attimi.



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