Day 8: Gorges du Verdon

IMG_2032Thursday night in our neighborhood in Nice proved quite eventful. Around 5 a.m., a car drove into the pizzeria across the street, shattering the glass windows. From what my mom observed after the crash woke her up, a drunk driver hit a car containing bouncers from High Club down the street. They called the police after being hit, but before the cops arrived, a gray car pulled up next to the drunk driver and the two girls inside began yelling at them. Then they sped off down the street, stopped, put their car in reverse and crashed into a parked car. This must have enraged the drunk driver, who hit his own gas and crashed into a BUNCH of parked cars before stopping down the street. The next day, half the cars parked on our block had damage and notes from the police stuck to them.

IMG_2043IMG_2048IMG_2045IMG_2042ANYWAY, the night before we’d all decided to drive out to “the Grand Canyon of Europe”. Enterprise dropped off a rental car for us around 8:30 a.m. and we headed out about an hour later. Our destination was Castellane, a town on the way to Gorges du Verdon. The drive took two hours or so.


These are chocolate walls…. just FYI


Antibes at night!

We arrived in Castellane to find the Office de Tourisme and inquire about the best things to do in the canyon. We didn’t realize the actual canyon was another 2 hours away. Luckily, Castellane had an adorable lake with incredibly blue water where we rented kayaks. The wind was strong and it was quite the workout. We left around 3:45 to try to do a half hour drive with a view. We drove through Saint Andre les Alpes and then to Annot, a tiny medieval village, where I bought a French leash holder for the pups. We continued to Entrevaux and where we stopped to see the amazing village built on ruins! On the way home, we visited Antibes and had dinner at Le Village! It was so incredible to see so many of the tiny villages in the mountains.

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