Day 7 in Nice, France : Villa Rothschild & Plage de Passable

On Thursday, we took the train over to the 81 bus to Passable with plans to visit the Rothschild Villa. It was an eventful trip… First, we boarded the train and heard a thump. Everyone turned toward the noise to see a young woman on the ground. Apparently, she had fainted and a couple of people helped her off the train. We then hopped on a crowded bus only to sit (and by that I mean stand) in tons of traffic. As we were going up a hill, our bus stopped short and Will saw a fight breaking out on the side of the road. Our bus driver pulled up next to the scene, opened the door and yelled, “Police! Police!” There were two bikes on the ground and a middle-aged/older man had one of the bikers in a headlock. There was blood everywhere and the man’s face was bright red! The guy who had him locked was dialing a cellphone. It all went down in French, which we unfortunately do not speak, but the men must have convinced our bus driver that they had it under control because he drove away. So it would seem that NYC/Jersey isn’t the only place with crazy public transportation…. but more on that later.

We should have caught a ride with these guys…

To get into Villa Rothschild, it was €13 or €10 with a student ID. I believe we could have also gotten a ticket for the Villa Kerylos for €20 total. The Villa was pretty spectacular and definitely worth visiting. I really enjoyed the free audio tour and learning about the former residents. The photos will speak for themselves!

They don’t travel without a six-pack… even to the Rothschild home.

Unedited! How gorgeous?

 Afterwards, we walked not far to Plage de Passable and sat for lunch. The food was great and we ate right on the beach! Will and I had clams and linguine and Angie had a great shrimp and avocado salad. Dad got pizza and Mom got a Caprese salad. Dad also ordered prosciutto and melon. The restaurant was very busy but the staff was great and our food came out quickly.




Following lunch, we set up camp in the sand. It was after 4 pm but the weather was perfect for swimming. Passable was a nice beach! There were rocks and steps to a gated villa. We swam up and climbed on the platform before being yelled at by the homeowner’s personal security guard. Later, we got out of the water and dozed off on the beach. A live band started to play back at the restaurant and they were great!
When it was time to leave, we headed back to the 81 bus. Our ride back should have been about 30 minutes but took an hour. At one stop, a young couple got on. Because the ride was taking so long in traffic, two children had sat down on the floor to play and the couple had to step around them. The girl yelled at the children and their mother quickly jumped to their defense. This was followed by a lot of yelling in French. They went at it until the person who I am assuming was her boyfriend got in the middle and talked things out with the mother. See what I mean?
We had a snack back at the apartment, as we didn’t need dinner after a big lunch. Angie, Will and I had agreed to meet Teun and Lisa at High Club at 11:30, but at dinner we’d decided to rent a car and drive out to the “Grand Canyon of Europe” the next day. We were concerned about doing this after a night of drinking… but when we arrived to meet our new friends, they seemed to feel the same way. They had brought two decks of cards and we decided to sit on the beach (not so comfortable when there are rocks…). We found a small Russian convenience store and bought some beer and wine. Then, we sat in a circle and taught each other Dutch/American drinking games until 3 a.m.

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