Day 6: Exploring Nice

When we woke up Wednesday, it was rainy out. We got a late start trying to decide what to do. My sister decided to go for a run while my parents, Will and I headed right down our street to Musee Massena. It was a very cool museum – I remember my mom and I falling in love with some of the table settings they had on display.

Afterwards, we went back to the apartment to pick Angie up. Then, we walked all the way down to the Swiss Hotel and took the elevator up to the “Chateau”. What an amazing view!
We wandered down through the ruins of a church to the Jewish Cemetery, one of the most beautiful resting places in the world. It really, truly was. After exploring, we walked back down the steps and meandered along the coast before heading to the beach.
When we came home around 7:30 or so, everyone showered up. I think we left around 9:20 and headed to Restaurant du Gesu (as recommended by the nice man who sold my mom the adorable wine magnets). It was a bit of a hike over to the old city and then a 30 minute wait (though I don’t think it ended up taking that long) for dinner. Will and Dad got pizzas, the Gesu for Will and an All Fromage with mushrooms for Dad – I thought the mushroom pizza was excellent. Mom got ravioli, Angie got a meat sauce, and I got the most delicious minestrone soup I’ve ever eaten and an amazing oil, basil and garlic pasta. We had great wine that night too!
Dinner took forever and we rushed to meet Teun and Lisa from the bus line, who we had planned to go to Wayne’s, an English-speaking bar, with. They were lovely and we chatted with them in the noisy bar until it closed down around 2 a.m.

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