Day 5: Monaco and Eze

We left our apartment earlier than the previous days and stopped at the tourism office for directions to Monaco. None of us had high hopes for what we were told was the “Atlantic City” of the Cote d’Azur. Still, we took the 100 bus along the coast, accidentally missing our stop and ending up in Monaco’s harbor.



The yachts were absolutely amazing and there was a little carnival of sorts happening on the pier. We strolled until we’d had our fill of ridiculous boats and began looking for a way to get to Monaco-Ville. The answer was a long and windy path uphill with steps in some areas, not the best solution in the heat. We eventually climbed high enough to reach the Cathedral of St. Nicholas. It was beautiful! We saw the graves Prince Rainier and Princess Grace, the American actress who died tragically in a car accident on the cliffs along the coast.
After the Cathedral, we continued into the village looking for a church I’d read about. It was called the Chapelle de la Misericorde and was the reasonwe came to Monaco on a Tuesday, as it was rarely open. On our walk, we stopped in the Chocolaterie de Monaco, where we had a delicious mocha frap! Afterwards, I ventured in to the Post Office to ask for directions to the Chapelle only to find that we were right in front of it. The entrance blended right in among the other shops and the doorway looked dark. When we stepped inside, we were stunned. The tiny church was breath-taking. We lit candles and stood in the aisle for a while before leaving.
We meandered down the surrounding streets and saw some cute shops and restaurants. As we made our way back toward the harbor, we could not find the bus. We ended up walking for what seemed like hours and found our way to the Casino Monte Carlo – one of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen! Do not go to Monaco without stopping to see this magnificent structure.
We finally caught the 112 bus back toward Nice, stopping to visit Eze. We didn’t have a lot of time left in the day, but Eze was so beautiful! We climbed up the cobblestone paths, peeking into the shops and restaurants built into the stone. It was just the cutest little village with a beautiful church at the top. We wanted to stay and eat dinner in Eze, but public transportation was dictating our travels and we couldn’t risk missing the last bus back to Nice.
The timing ended up being perfect, because we dined at the Indian Lounge in Nice that night. The food was great and they played Bollywood films on a TV in the restaurant. This little area of the city ended up being one of our favorite spots!

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