Day 3: Swimming with the Locals

IMG_0061-0When doing my research for our trip to Nice, I found an article about the best beaches. We were planning to navigate the region using public transportation and I wasn’t sure how easy it would be to get around, but I printed the recommendations out anyway.

We woke up late on our third day in France to my dad cooking eggs and bacon. My mom had ventured out to buy fresh croissants. Breakfast at our apartment was lovely every day we were there!
As we ate, we decided our goal for the day would be to check out the “Diving Board Beach”. We needed to find the 81 bus, which turned out to be wayyyy harder than expected. In fact, by the time we found a bus stop, we had walked so far that we were almost at our destination. My dad made the executive decision to carry on and so we did!

The “Diving Board Beach”, formally named La Reserve was absolutely amazing! It’s a local beach with a giant structure which forms three diving boards… or at least what look like diving boards. There used to be stairs leading up to the top, but they look to be long gone. Also missing is the walkway which used to connect the rock formation to land.
My dad, Will and Angie all swam out thinking there would be steps or a ladder on the other side of the rock. After watching them tread water for a while, I swam out to meet them and see what the problem was. We were watching all the young boys dive off and knew there must be a way up. It was totally shocking to see that the other side of the rock was just rock, with no ladder or carved out steps. The boys were climbing up using only their hands, feet and a very shaky looking rope which someone had tied to the pole at the top. How someone got up there to tie that loop, I’ll never know. Angie and my dad turned back, but I wanted to watch the boys climb. Will ended up giving it a shot and somehow wiggled his way to the top. It was so amazing to watch him jump from the “diving board”.
When we left La Reserve, we kept going down the coast to Coco Beach, which my mom thought would be a sand beach… It was not. It was gorgeous but very rocky and risky to get down. There was no way for my mom to get down to the “beach” area without climbing and she wasn’t up for it. So, we headed back toward Nice. After showering and freshening up, we walked back toward the Old City and had dinner at Di Piu restaurant. *Because Nice is so close to Italy, there was barely any French food to be found. We ate Italian food almost every night!

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