Day 2: We Move to the Apartment!

IMG_1144.JPGOn our second day in Nice, Will and I overslept. After the bed bug fiasco, who could blame us?

When we woke up, there was a market right outside our hotel. We both showered and got dressed before packing up our bags. We decided to walk to the apartment, which was outside the Old City.

photo (11)When we arrived on Rue de France, we used the family whistle (lol) and my dad and Angie came down to get us. My mom was at the supermarket, so we relaxed, swapping travel stories for a bit. My parents and sister had come from a week-long stay in Paris. As expected, Angie was excited to hear about the moped. We had to go back to our hotel to get it (the suitcases couldn’t fit) where we parked the night before. I wasn’t interested in riding again, but my sister was thrilled at the idea. So, off they went to fetch and return the bike.

When everyone returned, we made up a nice little lunch. I think this is the best part of staying in an apartment instead of a hotel! Then we went to the beach.

Our apartment was only about two blocks from the beach. Even though we had been warned about the rocks, it was kind of shocking to see that the beach had absolutely no sand. The rocks were pretty tough to walk on (that’s why they recommend water shoes), but we got the hang of it. We napped, swam and relaxed.

That night, my parents went out and bought fresh shrimp, pasta and the makings of garlic bread. My dad took to the stove while Will prepped the garlic bread. I drank the wine =)

After dinner, we walked back to the Old City and visited the markets. Mom bought some adorable magnets and we asked the man selling them for a restaurant recommendation. He told us to eat at Restaurant le Jesus in the Old City. He said it was his favorite spot in Nice!

We walked back along the water and stopped for ice cream along the promenade.

Writing this now, I miss it so much!







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