Found Objects: End Table

I was walking the dogs the other day when I stumbled upon a curb-side collection of items someone was throwing out. Giorgio, Felipe and I stopped to inspect and ran into the man who was moving. He said he couldn’t fit the stuff in his new place and we were welcome to take it.

I love a good sidewalk swipe. The key is usually to look for solid wood and good craftsmanship. Our coffee table was found against a dumpster in Connecticut. The top had been absolutely destroyed, like someone had used it as a workbench. It didn’t make a lot of sense because there was a $400 Pottery Barn price sticker on the bottom. We simply sanded down the top (twice now, after Will used it in his old apartment) and re-stained/finished it. The table is a great piece, with drawers that roll out so smoothly, but I digress. Anyway, this little find was not solid wood. However, it was in excellent condition and I loved the storage in the front. I also thought the inside would be a cute place for Felipe to hang out (more on that later).

I walked the pups about 4 blocks back to my car, drove over, and magically lifted and loaded this thing into my trunk. When I like a piece of curbside furniture, I become the Hulk – it’s amazing.

Not only did I put this in my trunk solo, I also brought it up to my apartment (the elevator DID help a little). So this is what it looked like. My initial thoughts were to paint it red and change up the handles. However, I don’t have easy access to my family’s tools/garage anymore, so I had to compromise. I cleaned it up (disinfectant and then wood polish) and headed to Anthropologie with Giorgio (I wanted his expert opinion on cabinet knobs).


I came home with these beauties. Anthro cabinet knobs/pulls are super expensive. Just be smart! I bought these on sale for $2.95 each (they were originally $14 I believe). I splurged on the two turquoise pulls at $6 a piece. My goal with this piece was to make something fun!

I removed the original handles.

Then replaced them with the new ones. The top part, which was a little pull out space thingy, didn’t have a deep enough hole for the new handle. I used an awl and hammer to drive the hole deeper and was able to make the pulls work!

This cleared up a bunch of space on our counter, where we previously had all of the bills, mail, magazines and take-out menus. I love it =) and because I couldn’t immediately paint it red, I used a big red coffee table book on top for the same look. Improvise, people! The piece cost me $19 in total (spent on the handles).

Are you a sidewalk-shopper? I’d love to see your creations!


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