Recovering Bar Stools & Pillows

Originally, I thought my apartment would have a kitchen table. Seems pretty standard, right? Well, when you live in a city with limited space, it isn’t!

No worries though, we have a fantastic bar/island/countertop which, upon seeing the place, my mother suggested we use as our dining area. Will and I went on the hunt for bar stools and found a few that we liked. Unfortunately, we did NOT like the price. Our favorite stools were found in Crate and Barrel and cost almost $200 a chair. Not only were we not interested in making that kind of an investment in bar stools, but we weren’t (and still aren’t) sure that we’d need them in any of our future homes. Sooooo…….

A few months prior, friends of Will’s family had left some extra furniture in his basement while they moved homes. They never came back for their four bar stools because they no longer needed them. Will’s mom remembered they were down there and we were in business.

I should have photographed this process in more detail, but I’ll give you a play by play!

What you’ll need:

  1. Fabric
  2. Staple Gun
  3. Screw Driver
  4. Drill

There was nothing wrong with the white (leather?) upholstery, I simply wanted to make these chairs my own. We started out by flipping the stools over and unscrewing the cushions using a combination of the drill and screwdriver. Once they were off, I cleaned the chairs with wood polish and disinfectant for the spots where the cushions came off and dirt had been stuck. Then, we laid the fabric out (upside down) on a table and placed the cushion (also upside down) on top. We wrapped the fabric to see about how much we would need and then trimmed it to fit. Next, we took the staple gun and stapled the fabric all around the bottom perimeter of the cushion to secure it. This will take a little time, practice, and adjusting!

Afterwards, we placed the cushions back on the chair (all upside down) and drilled the screws back in. Most went into the same holes, but some needed new ones.

Last week, 6 months later, I finally put the extra fabric to good use!

You may remember my Vintage Chair from a few weeks ago. I thought it would be cute to tie that into the room with pillows which matched our stools.

I had these old pillows at home. One of them had been chewed up by Giorgio (sorry, mom!) and the other was not being used. I headed over to Grandma’s house to begin the old pillow up-cycle.


We first measured the pillow (loosely) and trimmed the fabric.

When making pillows, you sew the fabric inside out, with the part you aren’t going to use facing up. You stitch three sides of the pillow cover and the turn it inside-out again. Then, you fold the fourth side in and pinch the fabric together for a nice stitch!

Here’s the final product:



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