Vintage Chairs

I went with my mom and dad to watch Nico’s soccer game down in Monmouth this Sunday (go Nico!) and afterwards, we decided to drive to Long Branch and do brunch.

We ended up at Pier Village, a cute little collection of shops and restaurants on the beach. We ate at McCloone’s (yum) overlooking the ocean. On the walk back to our car, we stumbled upon these gorgeous chairs. You could tell right away that they were beautifully made and in excellent condition.


My parents and brother went to get the car as I guarded our treasure. I wanted the blue one for my apartment and my mom was happy with the yellow. We were both already planning on how to redo them.


It was a tight squeeze and I basically had to sit on Nico’s leg on the drive back, but we were SO excited when we unloaded them in the driveway.


Our chairs were made differently. My mom’s cushion unscrewed from the bottom while mine was built into the chair. I didn’t have a lot of quick options, so I washed my chair down with wood polish and the Bissell. I removed the cushion cover and hand-washed it in the sink. Later, I called Grandma and alerted her to our newest project: A cushion cover that will tie this chair into my living room decor. Stay tuned for updates!


My mom grabbed the fabric leftover from recovering her couches and unscrewed the cushion from the chair. Unfortunately, the foam surrounding the wood inside had disintegrated a bit, so we had to head over to Joann’s and pick up a new piece of foam. (I wish I would’ve better documented this in photographs – sorry!) She wrapped the new foam around the wood and then covered it with fabric, using a staple gun to secure the material and recreate the cushion. She then screwed the cushion back into the bottom of the chair. (P.S. Giorgio is making half a cameo in this picture. Can you spot him?)


What a transformation! She ditched the old yellow top pillow for now and replaced it with a throw pillow she already had. How cute does that look?!

20140414-124839.jpgSorry about the photo quality here – I’ll have to take a picture next time I’m home. This is the one she texted me after I had left.

What do you think?! As Spring cleaning time approaches, remember to keep an eye out for treasures on the side of the road =)


Tell me what you think!

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