A Love Affair with Polaroids

Ah, Polaroids. I love, love, love them.

One day, I mentioned to my grandma that I wanted an old Polaroid camera. She went into her closet and pulled out a brand new, unopened, Polaroid Spectra. What are the odds? She also found a great website to buy film (it’s very hard to find film for old Polaroids these days). She’s pretty amazing.

Oddly enough, Will has an old Polaroid Express he’s pretty crazy about. In fact, he’s so crazy about it that, when I wanted one, he wouldn’t give his to me despite the fact that he had no film for it and hadn’t used it in about 18 years. In college, a friend of mine gave me some film she’d had lying around. Unfortunately, it didn’t fit my camera. That was about 3 years ago and we just discovered last week that it fits in Will’s!

Now that we were on a roll with our film-filled Polaroids, we decided to create a special place for them in the apartment. Enter: Cork board from Home Goods. 20140401-160521.jpg I already loved this, but I wanted it to have a little something extra. I searched for silver push pins and found this awesome Etsy shop. They arrived pretty quickly and really brought my vision to life!


One thought on “A Love Affair with Polaroids

  1. […] I once wrote about my love for Polaroids and since then my collection of photos grew large enough to warrant a re-purpose of these jewelry cases. The purple lined one was actually used to hold some of my jewelry a while back,  but I found it very impractical to unpin something every time you want to wear it. […]


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