Empty Frame Syndrome

I love empty frames. Is that weird? I think it’s partially inspired by Friends.

My goal was to hang a few empty frames above the TV in our apartment. When I mentioned the idea to my grandma, she offered to search her closets and came up with 6 frames ranging from 4×6 to 11×14.

Using the leftover paint from my other apartment projects, we repainted about 6 frames. My favorite is the you can see hanging on the left. After painting it teal, I gently brushed the silver paint over so it only stuck to the raised design.

I first arranged three empty frames to surround the Pike Place Market picture, but then my grandma voted that it looked too empty. The John Lennon picture was 11×17, so I actually trimmed it to fit the 11×14 frame.

Overall, I love my empty frames! What do you think?


Tell me what you think!

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