Housewarming Gifts

Housewarming/hostess gifts are really lovely gestures when visiting friends or attending a dinner party. A bottle of wine is always an excellent option, but sometimes we want to bring something that will last a little bit longer.

Since moving into our apartment, we’ve received so many beautiful housewarming gifts – none of which I was ever expecting! We really have some wonderful friends and family. These are some great ideas! (Can you tell we like wine?…)

Wine Cork Coasters:


I’m completely obsessed with these! Not only are they absolutely adorable, but they involved some DIY (my friends know me well). I saved all the corks we’ve acquired since moving in and then fit them into these coasters. It actually took a bit of time and even some cutting of corks to make them fit in a unique way! Speaking of saving corks, we also got this gorgeous cork holder:


How adorable is that? I really love it!

In case we need to bring our wine anywhere, we got this super cool carrier:


And, in case we have a dinner party, OR in case one of us has a really bad day, we got this giant pouring goblet:


Okay, aside from all the wine-related gifts, we also got some really delicious smelling candles =)


Last, but not least, my go-to housewarming/hostess gift: The Wire Wine Charm


I’ve been making these for a while now and I just love giving people something so personal =) Instead of “love”, I usually write the person’s last name. It helps that it goes with wine too! You can find them here.


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