How to Turn a Dresser into a TV Stand

Inspired by some converted dressers I found on Pinterest, I set out to find a piece that I could transform. After scouring Craigslist for a few days (weeks?) I realized that I wouldn’t actually feel comfortable meeting up with someone, investigating the item, determining if the cost was appropriate, and making the transaction. In my head, there were a million scenarios in which I died or got ripped off. So, I posted a plea on Facebook asking if anyone had an old dresser they no longer wanted.

My Aunt June messaged me almost immediately. Her mom had moved in with her sister and they were working on cleaning out/selling the house. She sent me pictures and we were in business! That weekend, I headed over to her mom’s with a small team (my dad and cousin) to help in case we found something. This piece was sitting in the dining room under the hutch. Because it will be used as a TV stand, we only needed the bottom. It went through a few phases of painting, but I’m happy with the outcome! All that’s left is the hardware (which I’m waiting on from Etsy) and drilling a hole in the back for wires =) I’ll post an update when it’s all finished.

Thanks again, Aunt June!

Update available here!

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